Friday, 18 March 2011

Pink Saturday and Sunny Sunday

This weekend, I'll be away for Pink Saturday. But I wanted to play, so here's my early post....

In a few hours, I'm heading off to spend the weekend camping with my husband, son, our dog, a bunch of friends and their dogs.

I am a recent convert to the the world of camping.  For years, my version of "roughing it" was a hotel without room service.  Yes, it's a cliche, but for me it was true.

Now I have a different view.  I am not looking for "Glamping", the new trendy travel option where you sleep in a tent, but have priceless rugs on the floor, or are served meals by a butler!

I love our ocassional, simple get-aways into nature. But with a few additions that most hardcore campers wouldn't include, like:

From the album of Vintage Chic Decor
Pillows.  Not just a sleeping pillow.  A pile of collected-at-thrift stores and estate sales pretty pillows, just perfect to pile up in the tent for an early morning read or a midday rest.

Image from Bliss'd

Candles. Pretty white candles, unscented, to cluster in glass jars in the center of the table.  They look lovely, the jars keep them from falling over, and the unscented-ness means they don't mask the smells of the trees, campfire or yummy food.

A lovely quilt top from the Pink House blog
Quilts. Yes, our air mattresses keep us off the chilly ground which I appreciate, and a sleeping bag is warm, but the fake, nylon-y texture of sleeping bags makes it uncomfortable to me.  And if you have them unzipped to use as a cover, they slip off and slide away.  Old quilts and my soft washed-a-zillion-times cotton comforters, on the other hand are warm and soft and wonderful to cuddle under when the evening temps fall.

Photo by E Gallagher
Art supplies:  Not everything, not even a lot.  But I do have to have my little box of watercolors, some brushes, a pad of watercolor paper and some pens.  I've gone a few times without these, and the unmet need to create something was so strong, that not having the right supplies with me took something away from my enjoyment.  So now these supplies are must-packs.

Good tea:  I've already packed my selection of herbal teas (tissanes, really, since there is no real "tea" in them).  A wonderful chai, a tangy lemongrass and sage, a refreshing mint with bergamot, and Good Earth original (my all time fave!)

I'll also pack my hiking boots, some ancient jeans that are perfect for getting dirty, and a good trail map, because I like that part of the weekend, too.  But when it's time to be around the campfire, or in the tent for the night, I'll be ready with the little things that make it all a little more special.

Tea, anyone??

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Anonymous said...

Hi Seeker, I loved the pictures that came to mind reading your post on real camping...well, real but with a girlish twist. The cotton blankies, unscented candles, all wonderful ideas. I don't like to sleep on anything plastic-y either. And thanks for teaching me what to call tea-less tea: tissane. I've heard the word but, didn't know it applied to herbal "teas". I also love an old Good Earth Tea I'm afraid they don't make anymore. It was Almond and ohhh I loved it.