Saturday, 2 July 2011

A 101 Year Old Happy 4th of July - For Pink Saturday

It's not red, white and blue, but it is a piece of history.  It's a 101 year old 4th of July wish -- a postcard I found it yesterday, in a big box of papers and maps and postcards in a shop called Uncommon Objects in South Austin.

There's no postmark, so I have no idea where it was written...although I did find a mention of a Flora, Texas

But whoever Beulah, Uncle Charlie and Mamma were, they left us a perfect message for this holiday weekend.  And I'd like to think that they'd be tickled to know that their wish from so long ago is being shared with all of you now.

So Happy 4th of July to all...and Happy Pink Saturday to my friends and family.  And to Mamma, wherever you are, thanks for the card.  I hope you caught up with Uncle Charlie.  And thanks for sharing it with all of us, Beulah.