Thursday, 9 August 2012

Revisiting 100 things that make me happy....

Just about two years ago, I published a post listing 100 things that make me happy.

I was thinking that it might be fun to revisit that list, and see what has changed over the past two years.  Is my list the same?  Are there things that I would replace, especially since I'm now living in a different state?   And are there things I wrote on the list that I'd forgotten about...little pleasures that I might want to add to my life again?

So here's my old list, revamped for 2012.  I would love to see your lists, too.  Maybe you'll remind me of some little pleasures I hadn't considered!

  1. Writing
  2. A hug from someone I love
  3. Eating breakfast out...and outside
  4. Rainy days when I don't have to go anywhere
  5. Walking on the beach at night
  6. Singing along with a favorite song in the car
  7. Being greeted at the door by my cat and dog
  8. Back to school supply shopping with my kids
  9. Waking up to a view of trees and sky through a big window
  10. Windy days
  11. Figuring out a tough math or programming problem
  12. Having time to sit at a café and read without watching the clock
  13. Working on my art projects
  14. Watching it snow outside my window (with a cup of cocoa in my hand!)
  15. Scrapbooking with friends
  16. Spending time with my kids
  17. Stumbling onto great live music while walking downtown 
  18. Finding a great new mystery writer 
  19. A new book from a favorite writer
  20. Listening to live jazz, especially outdoors
  21. Stashing away the perfect little gifts for upcoming birthdays or holidays
  22. Getting a REAL letter in the mail
  23. Spending time with my dad, sharing memories and silly jokes
  24. Getting a flower/flowers from someone
  25. Wrapping presents with a creative touch
  26. Cottage gardens
  27. Finding a great new blog to read and follow
  28. Learning something new that changes my view of other things
  29. Moments of spiritual insight
  30. Fresh, juicy peaches that drip juice everywhere
  31. Seeing someone I love across a crowded room
  32. Kissing my husband
  33. Houses with tons of natural light
  34. Foggy mornings 
  35. The smell of fresh cut grass
  36. Clean sheets that have been dried on the clothesline
  37. Handmade quilts on a bed
  38. Hearing a song I used to love but had forgotten about -- and remembering the words!
  39. British television
  40. Well-worn wood furniture (primitives) with stories to tell
  41. Long silk skirts
  42. The smell of old book stores
  43. Long walks in the countryside
  44. Seeing cows in a field
  45. Gardenias - the look and the scent!
  46. Really watching a butterfly flying
  47. Photographing the details on old buildings
  48. Country fairs with animals and old-fashioned craft and food judging
  49. Quaint old cottages
  50. Quaint new cottages
  51. Curving, hilly roads
  52. Wide roads with lots of green
  53. The first few notes of the overture before a show
  54. Being backstage with something to do when the overture starts
  55. Old, well-worn, super soft blue jeans
  56. Slices of crisp green apple and sharp cheddar cheese
  57. Holding hands
  58. Waking up with my husband
  59. Rearranging books on a shelf
  60. Cooking without a plan
  61. Cello music
  62. Following a fish around while snorkeling and pretending I'm a fish, too
  63. Poetry that does not rhyme
  64. Finding an especially beautiful spot on a hike...and having time to enjoy it
  65. Wearing soft cotton clothes
  66. Laying on the grass and watch the light change through the leaves
  67. Seeing pictures in clouds with my kids
  68. Flying a kite
  69. Seeing old people holding hands
  70. Keeping up on my blog
  71. Adding something beautiful to my bulletin board
  72. Finding the perfect card for a birthday or just-because
  73. Dropping mail in the box at the post office
  74. Reading on the beach, especially on a chilly day
  75. Warm hoodies that are still soft inside
  76. Blue time (twilight)
  77. Lightening bugs...thousands of them!
  78. Listening to music on a great sound system (doing that now!)
  79. Fossil hunting...and finding that hidden treasure
  80. Lazy Sundays at home
  81. Friends who stop by unexpectly
  82. Live steel drum music being played by the Bay or ocean
  83. Hunting for sea shells at the beach
  84. Warm socks when my feet are cold
  85. Lush, green countryside
  86. Goats with floppity ears
  87. Getting the photo JUST RIGHT
  88. Planning for my next trip
  89. Discovering people who believe in magic and fairies and unicorns and mystery
  90. Having the perfect airplane book in my purse when I get on my flight
  91. Long, inspiring, unexpected conversations
  92. art, in fabric, in nature, in my home
  93. Cozy rooms with unexpected details
  94. The color yellow
  95. The smell of a baby's head
  96. My kids' art work, from beginner scribbles to amazing creations
  97. Giving away unneeded things to people who can use them
  98. Old-fashioned country auctions
  99. Baking for family and friends
  100. Long walks on cool evenings
  Okay, your turn!  Post your links and I will happily hop over to see your lists. And if you're anything like me, making this list may start out hard, but by the end, you'll have dozens and dozens of other happy pleasures you just won't be able to fit in the 100!  And that, as Martha says, is a good thing!


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Every desk needs a cat

Sanura has given her stamp of approval to my new office  Happily stretched out between my two computers, claiming her spot atop my brochures and calendars.

Maya the Wonder Puppy is standing next to my chair but not cooperating for a photo now. But she too has given the space her blessing.

With two such valuable endorsements, how could I doubt that I've created the perfect space to write, dream, plan and work?