Monday, 23 April 2007

Not as far down but still not seeing the stars

Wow..I was really down when I wrote that last post (opps...I decided that the last post was just too far down to leave online, so it's gone to where whining self-obsessed posts belong...into the recycling bin! But this one I shall leave up.)

Too many things coming at me at once....

Not only did I lose a friend, and find out that another is leaving the country and yet another the state and the region, but my ex- tried to take away my child support (or at least really cut it back), the owner of my condo announced that it was sold and I will have to move by May 15th-ish, and my annual review at work is tomorrow. And then there were taxes...I HATE doing my taxes! So I am trying frantically to find a place I can

a) afford
b) fit my kids and myself into reasonably (10' x 11' bedrooms just won't work for two beds!)
c) move into in three weeks or less

My so-called friends have responded to my urgent need for a new residence with a very helpful

"Well, I hope it all works out for you."

No offers to help me find a place, make a phone call, ask a friend if they know of a place available in the area...I work 8-6 M-F, so visiting places isn't an option when the offices all close at 5 pm! But who cares?

Guess they weren't the friends I thought they were. A startling and sad revelation.

Plus I am trying to figure out HOW exactly I am going to move! Two kids and a mom, a rather steep set of concrete stairs to get everything down? Does not work! Local movers want upwards of $600 for the two hours or so it would take to move my love seat, small dining room set, 4 bookcases, three beds and two dressers to a place within 5 miles of the starting point. Yikes!

Just entirely tooooooo much for one woman at one time.

I will somehow get through it. Sans a few fair weather friends. A little lighter for the losses, a little wiser for the lessons.

I guess that's what it's all about. Still working on all those lessons.

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