Thursday, 7 June 2007

Creature Comforts ---or what makes me feel warm and cozy

You hear a lot about comfort foods..macaroni and cheese always seems to be high on the list...but what about other comforts? What makes you feel good and cozy and safe and loved?

My little girl says it's her

  • Build-A-Bear pets (none of which are actually bears)
  • snuggling on mom's shoulder while we watch tv or a movie
  • going for a walk in Pennsylvania in the autumn and kicking leaves
  • feeding ducks at the park

My teenager says:

  • curling up in a warm bed with quilts and blankets
  • sitting with friends and talking
  • swinging on an old fashioned playground swing and still trying to reach the sky with her feet
  • a liitle coffee shop -- any cozy little coffee shop
  • her old white quilt

And for me...

  • A warm hug from a friend
  • Hearing any love song I haven't heard in a long time, but still remember every word when I do hear it...and singing along
  • Sitting outside at a sidewalk cafe in a city with music playing nearby and soft breeze blowing (it was all I could do not to plant myself when I saw the perfect one in D.C. last week! But my kids were anxious to get to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum so I had to walk by without stopping!)
  • A soft couch with lots of big pillows
  • Warm socks when my feet are cold

So what are your favorite 4 or 5 or 6 creature comforts? What simple things make you feel soooooo good?


Marie & Lukas said...

- for me it could be going to the movies alone in the middle of the day
- coffe shops with goof pastry
- reading in bed when the weather is bad
- being with my cat

Barbara B. said...

That sidewalk cafe sounds wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Simple things...a walk in the dog park is one of my favorites.

BTW, I've tagged you at my blog. Join the fun!