Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Ten facts about belly dancing

Monday was my weekly belly dance class. Soon I will be adding a Wednesday class as well.

And over the past few months, I've learned a few things from this old and difficult dance form. Here are my top 10, in no particular order:

1) You have muscles you never knew you had. Seriously. LOTS of them. And they are none to happy about being found after a lifetime of relaxation!

2) You never outgrow the love of things that sparkle and jingle. Rattles and shiny toys have nothing on my shimmy (hip scarf with coins attached) or belly dance bra with the opalescent beading and dangles.

3) A group of women will attempt almost any move and never worry about how they look while they're learning. But let one man set foot in the studio and every woman will freeze.

4) It is nearly impossible to sit still when belly dance music is playing. Something will start to move -- a foot, a leg, an arm, a hip...pretty soon you're dancing when all you planned to do was listen.

5) Most of the things we associate with belly dance like belly button jewels, the types of costumes and the setting for the dance came from Hollywood in the 1920's-40's ... not from Egypt.

6) There are lots of different kinds of bellydance, including Egyptian, folkloric, tribal, cabaret, and fusion. All very unique, all very beautiful.

7) Women like watching bellydancers as much as men do -- but they drool less.

8) The belly dance community in South Florida is one of the friendliest, most welcoming group of women I've ever met.

9) Age, size and body type are not issues in belly dance. Great dancers come in all of the above.

10) Once you start belly dancing, you won't want to stop. It is a most pleasant addiction!


Jan said...

I am impressed that you are belly dancing. When I was much younger (and before I had children), I was in a belly dancing class in a university town in Oregon. I remember thinking that it was an ideal way to lose stomach fat. AND why have I forgotten this until now?? You are commended for giving out info as a public service to middle-aged matronly figured women!

Anonymous said...

#7 made me chuckle...I'm sure it's true :)

Anonymous said...

It doesn't take music to make my belly dance...I just have to laugh. :-(

Anonymous said...

Son of a crapping cow's uncle monkey shit boob

Anonymous said...

LMAO..:) .xo