Saturday, 5 July 2008

On rainy holidays and long weekends

I started looking forward to this weekend somewhere around March or April. A long weekend...a day off without using precious leave days. Picnics, fireworks and friends.

Last night was the big show. Fireworks were planned for every city and town around here, but I was going to see the show at the beach. All those bright and beautiful colors and lights over the water, a tropical breeze. Then two days of beach and sunshine. Perfect!

'cept I did not count on a downpour. And lightening. LOTS of lightening. So after months of waiting, the night passed without the beach. Without fireworks. But I discovered something...I am still having fun!

Yesterday in the afternoon, there was a picnic in the park with the outdoor club. Veggie burgers, gelato, volleyball( gotta work off the gelato somehow!). A couple of new friends. Then later, dinner with P., a woman I met on a recent diving trip with the same club. Today, an article on assignment completed and sent off. Then breakfast with T., then Project Downtown. A trip to the market for fruits and veggies. Now I'm heading to the mall with T. to walk with her and get her out of her apartment for awhile. Later, I am making myself a yummy dinner. A good book, maybe a movie. A chance to talk with D. An early night and some well deserved rest while it rains again.

Tomorrow, jazz or something else fun outdoors. More time to unwind. More writing. Some time with someone I can't wait to see.

It's funny how this weekend doesn't look at all like what I expected. But somehow, some way, it's all exactly right.

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