Monday, 29 June 2009

A day at sea, a dance on the deck

We need balance in our lives. Not just want it, or think it might be a good idea, but need it.

We need to learn, grow and develop our spiritual muscles. We need to pray and study.

And we need to spend an entire day playing in the water like kids, then dance under the starlight on an otherwise empty dance floor.

We need safety and we need to close our eyes a take that big leap of faith.

We need time alone on a Shabbas afternoon to think and grow, and we need time with friends around a big noisy table in a waterside dive bar in the Keys.

We need to float on top of the water and take in the view.

And we need to dive down deep, and almost reach another world.

Saturday afternoon, I meditated on some wonderful ideas, amid the peace of Shabbas. Yesterday, I spent the entire day on a boat or in the water about 10 miles off the Florida Keys...and I finally understood balance. A life lesson amid a day of fun and love and friendship. Not bad for a weekend!


Amber said...

Man, I neeeed this kind of balance. So. Bad. I am still learning.


Seeker said...

Amber...we are ALL learning! I am fortunate to have this location in South Florida that makes it a bit easier to see the possibilities.

But you are balancing, too. Your kids. School. Life. Faith. All part of the balance. My kids are in another state with their dad for the summer...makes my personal search for balance a little easier to manage.