Monday, 31 August 2009

The holiday are coming!

For me, the big ones are the High Holidays (Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur), then Sukkot, then Halloween, two birthdays, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, another birthday and the New Year.

The High Holidays mean deep introspection, sweet honey and apples, long services, a the wonderful taste of a meal after a long fast

Sukkot...hoping to build a nice Sukkah this year. Spent some time today looking up plans! And I already have the decorations in my head...hope the weather is cool!

Halloween...can't do much at my place outside, oh, but indoors!!! Now where did I put that giant spider???? And then there is the 2nd annual trip to Universal for their Halloween Horrors event! daughter Nov 7th, my son Nov 8th. Gift ideas....hmmmm.

Thanksgiving...going away! Always good for Thanksgiving...maybe even some really cool weather!

Hanukkah...need to get into the storage unit and get out all the Hannukiot. Time for them to all shine again! littlest one. Time is flying!

New Year's Eve...can it really be that close to 2010?

What are your holidays coming up? What makes them special? I would love to hear about them all!


otowi said...

Well right now we're in the month of Ramadhan, fasting. It is a month of holy days, so kind of "holiday". Got 4 family birthdays in Sept. and Oct. to look forward to, and then Thanksgiving and Christmas are big family holidays.

Anonymous said...

Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorites...they still seem like a long way off, though.

Seeker said...

Otowi, Ramadan is a very powerful observance. I hope your fast is going well. Is you family not Muslim? (You mentioned Christmas, so I wondered...)

Kievas..they will be here before we know it..time goes so fast this time of year :-)