Thursday, 21 January 2010

10 Rules You Live By

I heard a piece on Starstreams about the 10 rules you live by...or rather, the 10 rules the singer/composer lives by. And I liked the concept. So many times we are drawn into a myriad of little rules, whether from work or family or religion or society.

But it's useful to step back, and distill those core rules that guide our lives so we don't lose site of the essentials. Stephen Covey would probably call it "principle-centered living." I'm just calling it clearing away the clutter.

So what are your 10 rules? For real -- not a silly list or a list designed to get half of the people who read it mad.

Let's pretend we are sitting down together, at that inviting picnic table in the picture. Now tell me...What are YOUR 10 rules you Live by -- or at least try to live by?

Mine are (in no particular order):

1) Every human deserves dignity, so look people in the eye and recognize that we are all children of G-d

2) Listen to people's stories. Especially kids and old people.

3) Don't get hung up on the rules. Learn, try, test, embrace, discard. Enjoy the wealth of ideas. Just remember, they were all written by people who are just as flawed as I am.

4) Feed hungry people -- it's a blessing to share food

5) Never be afraid to say "I love you"

6) See the beauty every day -- in light and shadow, in colors, in nature, in texture, in people's faces, in structures, in our homes. Look for's there.

7) Practice the habit of giving away stuff.

8) Never stay silent in the face of injustice, whether it's by faith or language or ethnicity or gender or wealth or position. I am obliged to speak up, even if I cannot change the situation alone.

9) Never say "it couldn't happen to me." Because it could. Good or bad.

10) Let go of anger. Quickly.

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