Wednesday, 10 March 2010

10 days, 6 hours and 22 minutes...but who's counting?

I didn't think it would come together, but it is. A wedding in a garden. The tables and chairs are reserved and set for delivery on the 19th. The papers goods, dishes, flatware and linens are on their way. The favors are being made by Barbara at "A Little Something Extra" and the menus are ready to go. Rings, dresses, shoes, veil, flowers, all done. And in our bedroom, a corner has been taken over by vintage serving trays and hand-blown glass bowls and vintage details to adorn the tables. Some of it new, some old and bearing the patina of years or even decades of use and love.

I think I knew it would be a vintage-style wedding from the start, even though I hadn't officially chosen. Looking back on the photos I saved and the blogs I read from day 1, including Vintage Chic Bride (that's one of their photos above, BTW), I was heading in that direction. And then when we found the location...a beautiful garden setting, I just knew. And the collection began. From Home Goods to local thrift stores, I found the perfect pieces for serving tables and guest tables. The only thing I didn't find were vintage table cloths, so I settled for classic ivory linen. It will work.

After the wedding, I'm not sure what I'll do with my collection. Maybe pass some of it on to another vintage-style bride. If you're a South Florida bride-to-be planning a vintage-themed wedding, let me know, and perhaps I can share some of my finds.

But not just yet. I have a wedding of my dreams in just a few days!

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