Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Going out to buy that G-d box now.....seriously

The stress is getting overwhelming...I need to go get that box....like on my lunch break.

In addition to my older daughter's illness that no one can seem to diagnose, much less treat, my younger daughter did something to her back, and has been in severe pain for 4 days.  She can barely move.  And she's a kid!

We went to doctor, and they said strained muscle, give it a week.  Keep doing what you're doing with the Advil and such.  Pay the receptionist on your way out.

Thanks, Doc.  That was a big help.

Time to get that box, write it all down and release it. Time to put it in G-d's hands.

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Anonymous said...

That's rough - I'll add the kid and you to my prayer list. - SZ