Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The dance of every day life

I was leaving Panera this morning, my glass of half-iced-tea-and-half-seltzer in hand (yes, it is strange, I know!), when someone in front of me held the door for just an instant until I could reach out at hold it myself.  A common gesture.  One we do, or experience every day.

But today, the movement and the grace of that single act caught my eye.  Un -choreographed, unplanned.  It was a pas de deux between two strangers, but in its own way, as elegant and graceful as a moment in any ballet.

That instant, I realized that there is a dance of every day life.

I started to think about other examples....the cars moving among one another on the highway.  The way a family works together in the kitchen moving around one another, as they prepare dinner or do the washing up.  We move in and out, step around, turn and reach.  There is a beauty in that interaction, that interweaving of motion that we (or at least I) have missed until now.

When you go about your day tomorrow, pay attention to the dance.  It's there.  Notice the effortless way in which we move around one another, the ways our movements connect and separate.

See the dance.


Deila said...

Nice writing--it flows like a dance too. I enjoyed your thoughts on this. Yes, it is interesting how we interact, not crashing into each other. Thanks for your comments on my post at MMB on working/staying at home.

Yea, I must not regret. I am enjoying writing now anyway, not so interested in medicine. I probably feel some regret through my parents eyes--they expected me to do it all...and when money problems came throughout my marriage it was hard to find a way to help. Still.

I also write for the Mormon Women Project www.mormonwomen.com It embraces all of us, as you say, we are all unique.

Scars Are Stories said...

Beautiful words - cheers to the dance of life, both the sorrows and the joy, for one could not exist without the other! ;)

best wishes,

Mormon Mommy Blogs said...

Love this! The imagery is beautiful!

Welcome to MMB!

Patty Ann said...

Love the imagery. It is so beautiful and I completely agree. Life is a dance.

Jane Wetzel said...

hi there Lindsay- very interesting blog- :) Glad to be your swap partner over at Bliss for this month! here is my email:
jakewetzma@aol.com send me your address- Jane W.

Shelah said...

Lindsay - It was so great to meet you at the expo today. You really helped to make SheCon a great experience for me. :o)