Tuesday, 31 May 2011

When we're together again.....

Image that was on the
candy bar favors at our wedding 
As some of you know, my new husband and I have been apart for the past 6 months.  That's a very difficult way to spend most of your first year together, and I won't pretend it's been easy.

But our time apart is drawing to a close, so I can finally allow myself to think about all the little things (and big things) I can't wait to do together again...here are a few, in no particular order...
  • Talking about our day, face to face instead of on cell phones that make it hard to hear, and often drop calls at the worst possible moment
  • Taking a walk together in the evening, holding hands and looking at the stars
  • Cooking dinner together...and eatting together, instead of talking about what each of us had for dinner
  • Showing each other an article, a picture, or some other tidbit by saying, "Hey, come look at this!" instead of having to send it and hoping you remember why it mattered by the time they get it 
  • Seeing the expressions on each others' faces and the body language instead of having to guess what a tone of voice or a word omitted or chosen means in a late-night-and-we're-so-over-tired phone conversation
  • Getting back to learning how to live together, instead of putting that on hold when we had only just started
  • Making plans together with friends, rather than each of us trying to keep busy far apart
  • Getting into long discussions about our favourite geek-topics without worrying about phone batteries dying
  • Good night and good morning kisses
  • Spotting that great festival or annual event in the newspaper and go to it together now, instead of making a mental note to do that "next year"
  • Having birthday parties and anniversary celebrations and date nights on the calendar, instead of flight times and countdowns
  • Seeing a movie together, instead of just talking about it after we each saw it separately
  • Laughing together at something silly we see or hear 
  • Cuddling on the couch 
  • Starting to see plane flights as something WE take to go somewhere, rather than something one of us needs to book to see the other one
...Building a marriage and life together, instead of trying to imagine it while  1,357 miles apart


GreenEnergyProd said...


Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Oh dear, how hard!

I'm happy for you that this particular trial is almost over...

seeker said...

Thank you! And by the way, that awesome "yes" was from the other part of this situation! :-)