Saturday, 14 July 2012

Where an Austin Blogger Creates....

No, there are no cowgirl hats or even guitars in my blogging room...just because I moved to Texas doesn't mean I changed!  Okay, maybe just a little.  I have developed a new appreciation for the Blues.  And I now don't scream when I see the forecast calls for temps above 100 (I just hide indoors!)

But my office is more about the me who grown and changed through years of living in Florida, the Rockies and rural Pennsylvania.

Of course, there are baskets and files filled with booklets and brochures about Austin events for my Austin blog....and piles of menus and business cards to inspire future posts.

There's also a bulletin board filled with inspiration from now and years gone past, where everything from bumper stickers to pages from old books share space with photos and postcards and bits of ads where the color or the font is far more important than the product it's trying to sell.

My blogger world is also home to less-than-pristine antique dolls rescued from auction shoppers eager to use them for parts....because they remind me that things don't have to be perfect or new to matter.

antique doll

And it's where I keep pictures of my kids

and my husband

so I can stay grounded in what really matters in life. 

My office where the posts of this blog and A is 4 Austin come to life, where I explore other people's blogs and images, and where I test new ideas. 

It's more than an office...amid the stuffed animals and antiques and more-pens-and-colored-pencils-than-anybody-really-needs, it's my creative home. 


Leanne said...

Absolutely love seeing your blogger space! I have been to Austin only once before, and it really was a lovely city. Your post makes me want to visit soon! thanks so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

A creative home...filled with heart and love! So nice to visit with you....from Karen's list. Your home is filled with personal and sentimental items...and that is just what a home should be!

thanks for sharing your space. visit with me if you wish...

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Bobbie said...

Your blog post is so sweet...your inspiration bulletin board "inspirational" and the fact that you rescue antique dolls refreshing. I so enjoyed my visit...thank you for sharing.
Best Wishes, Bobbie
P.S. I took a peek at your previous blog post..May 29, 2012..Thank you for sharing...eye opener!!

Rita Barakat said...

I like the way you think!!!I love that things don't have to be new! I also love that you are in TX and there is no cowboy stuff! LOL! I am outside of Dallas - no cowboy stuff here! LOL!

Kadee said...

Love me some Texas!! How can you not love a state where the people are so gosh, darn proud of it??!! I've only visited maybe 5 times but it left a soft spot in my heart. I love the photo you took of that doll head.. just looking at her eyes she seems so appreciative that you rescued her! Jumped over to your other blog and found where you posted about Uncommon Goods. Fabulous store, huh??! Thanks for sharing and I do plan on coming back. When you get a chance, come on over and have a visit. Would love to have you and thanks for sharing your space!

fairyrocks said...

Delightful peeps, Love your inspirational board too. Keep blogging and creating. Very moving previous post too. Every one has a story we just have to look and listen, help when we can.

Robin said...

Ooh, love it! It's so great to have an area where you can be creative and stay grounded at the same time! Thanks for sharing, and your previous post is're right.

Come visit my folk-art-y "studio" (aka dining room, LOL) when you have time!

bobbie said...

What a great space ~ love your stuffed animals!!
Thanks for sharing ~

Dan said...

First, reconnecting after a few years and just discovered you did get a new house HERE IN AUSTIN! Welcome to Austin!
And just wanted to thank you for reposting the 100 things. Been reading and connected with Derek Rydall, who's been coaching me on bringing about that abundance mindset. Your list of happy things is a perfect example of how we accomplish that sense of gratitude and appreciation that brings about happiness and abundance inherently. THANK YOU!
And I do hope you check out my two new books that just went up on free promotion on Kindle. The links to both are on my blog.