Friday, 14 September 2012

Texas high school mums, Part 2!

A few days ago, I posted about the mysteries of something high school students in Texas call "mums."  Well, now, thanks to some great Austin bloggers, a lot of web searches, and some very amused but thankfully patient people at Michael's, my daughter had her own mum in time for Homecoming Day. 
Decked out in orange and white, this mass of silk flowers, plastic hanging bits, tiny cow bells, hot glue, staples and more ribbon than I could have imagined took shape last night on our kitchen table. 

 I hung it in the Hoosier overnight, in part to keep the ribbons straight, and in part to prevent the cat (and/or the dog) from turning our hard work into the latest drag-out-into-the-yard  toy.

 One thing we didn't know until last night was that friends make mums for friends!  But when my daughter found out, she took the teddy bear that was supposed to live in the center of the mum, and made it into a beautiful mum-i-fied (giggle!) gift for her Austin BFF.

 The mum made it through the night unscathed and on to my daughter.

I may not understand these craft store concoctions (and as a scrapebooker, I usually love all crafts!) but I'm glad we found out in time to create our own masterpiece. Thank you to all who helped explain the mysteries of the Texas mum! 


Ticia said...

It looks great! Glad we could help. She's going to the same high school I graduated from :)

Angela said...

I love mums! Welcome to Texas, and may you have many more homecoming games and eventful mum making nights (:

Anonymous said...

Love it! Im so glad to live in an area where mums are so popular (NM). Im a Texan originally, but had to move to a small NM city....fortunately the mum tradition is alive here. Im now decking out my kids with garters! :) Enjoy wearing your work of art! :)

seeker said...


A sweet wish! Thank you!

seeker said...


How cool is that! I popped over to your website and saw the Florida DH and I are both Florida natives, so if we can ever help with Florida info, let me know!