Thursday, 20 September 2007

MENSA -- What is everyone so afraid of?

I just paid my Mensa renewal dues.

Being a member of Mensa is a big secret for most of us. I can talk to a stranger at a party and tell them that I am a criminial, an atheist, a puppy hater or a Republican (I am none of those, BTW!) but if I say I am a member of Mensa, I am instantly looked at as either:

Stuck up


Why is okay to confess our sins to total strangers or brag about our skills in the gym, on the tennis court or even in bed, but so wrong to admit to being smart?

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Lindsay39 said...

You should join. It's a fun group...lots of chocolate too! :-) The dues are well worth the friends you'll meet...often strange, but always interesting! :-O

But I'm sure you see my issue...if you say you're a top golfer or a recovering addict, that's okay...but try saying you're a genius. The fact that it's true, and something to be justifiably proud of is no defense. The reaction will be either disbelief or scorn. And I don't know why.