Saturday, 10 November 2007

My neglected blog

Sometimes it's hard to write because nothing is really happening. Other times, like over the past month, it's hard to write because so much is happening.

1) Things I thought would last have abruptly ended.

2) Things I never expected, have come into my life seemingly from no-where.

3) My work with Project Downtown has moved from a powerful weekly experience to what some of my street friends have called my ministry. I think they are on to something -- it does feel like a calling and I am prividged to minister to these wonderful people.

4) I have discovered that really opening yourself for something good to come into your life, and being clear about what it is you need, can sometimes have amazing results. Maybe "The Secret" isn't such a crazy pie-in-the-sky book after all.

5) At 2 in the morning, when you wake up with tears on your face, it's hard to understand anything...much less the reason in "everything happens for a reason." Sometimes it's not any easier at 2 in the afternoon.

6) When it comes down to it, you prabably have more friends...and better friends...than you think.

7) Having "stuff" is overrated. So are job labels, education labels and family labels. Sometimes we are so focused on the descriptions that we miss the person.

8) These is nothing quite as wonderful as having someone you really love talking with...and having them feel the same way. And there is nothing lonelier than losing that. those are my eight revelations for the month in which I was silent. Ramadan ended, my world changed in good and bad ways. And I am back to my blog.


Wyldth1ng said...

I like your pictures. Not sure how I got here, but I think I will be back.

Jan said...

Glad you've posted again. Your Ramadan fast sounds like it was fruitful for growth/change. Wishing you peace as you ponder and live this out.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you';re back. I know what you mean about not posting, for both reasons.