Thursday, 11 October 2007

As Ramadan comes to an end

A few thoughts as my very first Ramadan comes to an end...

This is an experience I will never forget. There will be other Ramadans and I will, inshallah, fast. But this first time will always be a treasured memory. The sensations, the people, the lessons learned.

  • I have a better feel for what the people on the street are experiencing, although I am keenly aware that I always had the promise of Iftar awaiting me with its milk and dates to break the fast, and meal afterwards. Perhaps the meal we serve each week at Project Downtown is like the Iftar...a promise of something to end the thirst and hunger that makes dealing with it a little easier.

  • The South Florida Islamic community is one of the most welcoming, friendly, open groups of people I have ever encountered.

  • Prayer in a group is very powerful. Prayer in a group when you get to create your own sacred space inside your scarf is even more powerful.

  • Ramadan isn't just about not eating and drinking for a given number of hours. It's about letting go of other things like anger, fear, greed and impatience. It is a cleansing of the body and the spirit.

  • Ramadan alone would be very hard. Sharing the anticipation of the Iftar, even over the phone, makes all the difference in the experience.

  • I will never take a bottle of water or lunch for granted again.

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Jan said...

Thank you for sharing your experience and realizations with us. You have had some powerful insights. I've always heard that fasting will bring forth spiritual insights, but I've never managed to do more than a day. I'm glad you chronicled your experience. Thanks.