Monday, 28 April 2008

International Day for Sharing Life Stories - May 16, 2008

We all "know" our neighbors...we know their names, probably their kids' names, their occupation, and maybe even their taste in food if we've shared a dinner or two. But do we know their stories?

And how about the checkout clerk at the grocery store? The veterinarian who treats our pets, or the person we pass every day as we both leave for work from the same community? Do we know their stories? And how might our view of them change if we did?

I received an e-mail today that has me thinking...and hoping that there is a way to learn about people's stories. May 16th has been declared the International Day for Sharing Life Stories 2008

It's about building bridges and making connections. Seeing the people we "see" everyday as whole people instead of their roles. Healing wounds, clearing up misundertandings and learning new ideas.

Won't you join me? I know on blogs we do sometimes share our stories, but what about all those people who don't blog? Or whose blog we have never seen? I would love to hear their stories! Let me know if you participate, and what happens when you do. That is another story I am anxious to hear!

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