Friday, 4 September 2009

The weekend ahead

What a wonderful weekend...


Shabbas services
Shabbas dinner with three very special people (Nicholas, I wish you were down here, too...that would make it complete!)


Torah class
Shabbas lunch --- we are having 5 guests this week!

The menu is:

Cucumber tea sandwiches
Herbed yogurt cheese and Italian bread
My version of cholent -- Moroccan veggie "chicken" stew (vegan, actually)
Lemon cake

Tomorrow night:

Gary's party

Sunday and Monday? Time with loved ones, so the what is far less important than the who.

And in there, somewhere, some rest time!! Some much needed rest time!


Anonymous said...

The menu sounds yummy (I'd have to skip the cheese, though).

Seeker said...

That's okay...there was lots of everything else! Maybe someday you and your family can join us for a Shabbas dinner. A cheese-free meal, I promise! :-)