Friday, 1 October 2010

I feel it! I feel it! It's autumn!

fairy fall

Okay, so the signs are little more subtle here in Florida. There are no flashy leaves, and if you actually put a real pumpkin on your doorstep, it would be a pile of mush within 24 hours. But this morning, as I stepped out of my door, it was unmistakably autumn!

First, there was the breeze. It was a not a watery, hot blast -- it was cool and gentle. The sweetness of it, after our very hot summer, was delicious!

And then there was the light. I'm not sure if it was the angle or a quality of the light itself, but it was autumn light. My daughter said it felt like the first day of school in Pennsylvania.

I used to have a love/hate relationship with autumn. I loved the cool weather and the bright colors and the masses of apples and pumpkins and winter vegetables at the farmer's market. I love the feel of putting on a soft hoodie or a new sweater and feeling cozy. I loved building the first fire in the fireplace after a long summer of it sitting cold and empty. I loved having a supper of hot soup and homemade bread with just-made apple butter feel like just-the-right-thing.

But I hated the fact that the arrival of autumn meant that winter was close on its heels. I'm a Florida girl, and I never quite got used to the freezing winters up north and in the Rockies. I missed being comfortable outside without layers and layers of clothes and boots and gloves and hats. I missed walking without worrying about slipping on ice. And because of that anticipation of all the winter-stuff to come, I probably missed out on some of joy of autumn.

That got me thinking...

How many times in our lives do we miss out on the good stuff now, because we are too focused on what comes next? Whether it's something don't want, like winter, or something we do, like a vacation or a wedding, we miss so much of what is happening AT THIS MOMENT by living in dread or anticipation of the future.

How much of the joy of autumn, my favourite season, did I miss by looking ahead to winter?


Wendy said...

I'm in So. Cal and while we don't have the extreme humidity where you are, we're getting plenty of it with horrid hot weather. I really like how you talked about being in the now and not getting ahead of ourselves whether it be with a season or thoughts...Blessings :)

MosaicMagpie said...

Hi! Swap partner! I have enjoyed looking at your blog. I will be emailing you.

Patti said...

Welcome to the Blissful ATC Swap group.
I just looked over your blog and I enjoyed it so I am not a follower. I look forward to visiting often.

seeker said...

Thanks! And Patti and Debbie, I had so much fun yesterday working on my card...I am looking forward to the swap! Debbie, I will watch for your email! :-)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I promise to enjoy each and everyday this fall.