Friday, 10 February 2012

I have a lot of work of course, I want to clean

It started back in college, I think.  Midterms or finals came around or a major paper was due, and suddenly I wanted nothing more than to clean my room.  And not just tidy.

I felt a NEED to sort through those drawers or organize my closet.  And then there was my backpack.  I'd been meaning to do that, hadn't I?  And my purse, and the car, and....

I wasn't alone in this sudden onset of sorting and cleaning, either.  Even the guys who had lived all semester with a carpet of dirty clothes and secret stashes of petrified pizza under their beds were seen heading to the laundry room with arms full of towels and jeans and sheets they hadn't changed since the school year started.

That same feeling hit this morning as a I contemplated my to-do list.  Lots of documents to process.  Some articles to write and post.  Phone calls to make and e-mails to send.

And all of a sudden, the idea of cleaning my teenage daughter's bathroom sounded like such a wonderful idea.  And then there was the kitchen pantry...hadn't I been saying I needed to reorganize that?  And so it went, as I imagined all the sorting and cleaning I could (should?) be doing instead of the work I had committed to do.

I tried to sit down and my computer and work, but God knew my weakness.  All of those other chores were calling.  I was imaging how I could do both.  Then my connection went wacky.  A program I needed offered me server errors instead of answers.  I knew it was time to walk away from temptation.

So now here I sit, with 5 miles between me and all that suddenly interesting cleaning and sorting.  A datebase I need to transfer is downloading.  E-mails have been sent, and a few more will go out as soon as I finish this post.  The noise and bustle of Panera Bread is nothing compared to the call of "other things I could be doing."  And my work will all get done.

Now if only I had known about this back in college....

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