Monday, 23 June 2008

Back in Florida --- the Saga, Part 2

The other person bumped from the flight was an acupuncturist, herbalist and painter. Not a bad match for a writer/vegetarian! She and I were sent in search of Bradley, an otherwise unidentified 6'6" man who "should be at the ticket desk" for our reservations and transportation arrangements.

At the ticket desk, there were no 6'6" men in sight. We asked another counter clerk, and were told he would see if he could find him, but he "would not search the whole airport." Hmmmm. A man clearly not in full grasp of the concept of customer service! About 10 minutes later, he returned. "He'll be out in about 20 minutes."

We waited. Other people waited from other presumably overbooked flights. Finally Bradley appeared. He took our paperwork and vanished. Another 20 minutes passed. He returned with several sheets. "Here are your reservations for the Sheraton. Here is your dinner voucher. $10.00. Good IN the airport."

Now, my dear readers, have you ever eaten dinner IN an airport? Has it ever in the past several years cost you $10 or less? Not to mention that we were to go to a It was already almost 6 pm. And we were OUTSIDE of the security gates, while most of the restaurants were INSIDE of the security gate! The prospects for dinner on the airline's dime were looking dim.

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DoeWDW said...

So inquiring minds want to know what you found for dinner. I'm very familiar with BWI and there really isn't much outside the security gates. There is one small restaurant with sandwiches & salads, another sports bar kind of place and then Starbucks. :) I hope you found something decent. On the other hand, you've got free airline tix - woo hoo!!
-Doreen in PA