Sunday, 22 June 2008

Back in Florida....The Saga, Part 1

Thursday afternoon, I left Central PA to return to BWI and Florida. It was an emotional departure, so I allowed myself plenty of time to make the drive. Stopped in Timonium, MD to fill up the SUV with gas (this HUGE silver Chevy Trail Blazer (pictured here with my sweet daughter) got an unbelievable 21+ MPG...way to go Chevy! I was serious impressed!), Had a cup of tea at Starbucks. Wandered around Borders a bit. Bought a book and some postcards, then headed for BWI.

All went drop off, security (what a waste of time and money that is!), and then to my gate.

Suddenly, the announcement. "We are overbooked." 30 minutes later, two free round trip tickets and a voucher for hotel and dinner in my hand, I was walking back down the concourse. I would not be leaving Baltimore today.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you make it back on time--I hate airlines!