Sunday, 8 June 2008

Sometimes the thing you think you're going to hate....

My very favourite instrument is the is haunting, sad, soulful.

So when I was invited to a cello concert in Ft Lauderdale, I was thrilled. When I found out it was cello and sitar, I was confused. How could those two sound good different in tone and pitch. I wondered how they could possibly tune a sitar to compliment a cello.

When I found out that the cello was the one that had been altered, I almost didn't go. That sound that is perfect -- ALTERED??? How could they????????

But I went. And for three hours, I was entranced, Completely taken away. The haunting beauty of the cello remained, with the addition of an exotic overtone from the sympathetic 12 strings added to it. The sitar's sound wrapped around and under and through the cello's notes. I visualized color and design as I listened...great swirls and poignant dots of color.

And yet I almost did not go. I almost missed that magic because of the difference between the two instruments.

How many times in life do we say no to something because it's different...because it seems that it will alter that which we know and love? Or perhaps even alter us? I know I have been guilty of that. I almost was last night. And look what i would have missed.

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Torie said...

I have always loved the cello as well. I went so far as to take lessons when I was younger, but that just made me realize the skill and precision that goes into playing.

I know just what you mean about something being different and therefore less than desirable. Sometimes those different things are the ones that matter most; the ones that strike us to the heart.