Friday, 19 February 2010

New blog to follow....

Just found this blog from a fellow writer, and I wanted to share it. It's called "The Me I Be" -- check it out! Here's a teaser from her latest post...

It's hard not to smile at a man who calls you "Miss Beautiful Lady" every morning when he sees you at 7-11 buying your morning cup of coffee. It's hard not to look for him each morning as you pull into the parking lot for your morning pick me up.

I've begun to think of him as "Mr. Pesonality". He doesn't speak much English but he has mastered the art of flirting with American women. Miss Beautiful Lady - what more do you need? He's the kind of man who'd be comfortable barking on a sidewalk to lure passersby into his club. Flirting to hustle up business. Flirting to make the time pass. Flirting to compete with his buddies (watch me get the lady's number). Flirting for entertainment as he stands shivering in the January cold on the grassy side of the parking lot.

Found her and her blog, The Me I Be, because of a comment she made last year on a blog post from a blog I abandoned 4 years ago! Wow! (Now THAT shows the long-lasting power of social media!)

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