Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The right song for the day....

Driving to work today, feeling dispirited about things happening a work, feeling my experience and expertise is being dismissed as something anyone could learn overnight.

I tried to keep it in, but failed miserably. A long and tearful talk with Lance last night helped a lot, but I was still feeling pretty down. I knew he was right when he said that work was not how I should define myself, but it's tough when you absolutely loved your job, and suddenly it's changed into something completely different and everything you loved doing is now being done by other people.

This morning I dropped my daughter off at work early. Usually I would immediately go over to work, but today I felt no desire to put in extra hours. So I decided to sit and read and get some tea. Just as I pulled into a parking space to go into Starbucks to get my tea, this song came on. It reinforced everything Lance said last night (thank you, my love) and reminded me of the lessons I've tried to master over the past several years.

I am not a Christian, but this song transcends any one religion. And I am grateful that it came on when it did. And now I get to share it!

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if I've ever had a job that I truly loved. I never had one that I hated, either, so I'm fairly lucky.

Thanks for the song link--the YouTube link wasn't loading but I've heard it on the radio. I hope the work situation improves.