Friday, 12 February 2010

Seeing the wedding coming together....

Pressed glassed pitchers for ice cold lemonade and tea

Jewel-toned glass bowls that in a few weeks will be filled with fresh fruit, tempting tumbles of muffins or rich buttery croissants

Be-ribboned wands on their way, flowing with sage, deep purple and vanilla streamers

Music being selected, a growing list of sweet sounds to fill a garden

A tempting menu of treats and sweets in the works

Whimsical surprises to delight the eyes and ears as our guests wander the gardens

The search for the perfect chuppah, the most beautiful ketubah, the ideal dresses for the girls

Tiny details, each noted in a small lavender book, as the ideas go from wild imaginings to reality

5 comments: said...

As another mom, vegetarian, voracious reader, hiker, dog lover, and lover of languages, how could I not leave a comment when I read that you're looking for the perfect ketubah for your up-coming marriage? Hope this isn't obnoxious or against blog "rules", but I wish you'd check out my ketubah website at I can do just about anything (lots of dog portraits) and I try very hard to work with all different kinds of budgets. And if you choose another artist, I do hope you get something wonderful that you will always love looking at for decades to come. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I missed this news during my absence from blogging. Congratulations!

Seeker said...

Thank you, Miriam. Your work is beautiful, and I would be happy to suggest it to other brides and grooms to-be. But we have selected a ketubah. And no problem with suggesting i check out your was sweet of you, and not at all against blogging etiquette. Now if you were promoting MLMs -- different story! Thanks, Miriam :-)

Seeker said...

Kievas --

Thank you! The wedding is March 21st...only 33 days away! :-) said...

Thank YOU for taking the time to look at my web site. I'm glad you've found the perfect ketubah. Have a very beautiful, meaningful wedding and thanks for passing on my web site.
All the best.