Monday, 5 April 2010

The days of Firsts

This weekend, my new husband and I bought our first pieces of furniture together. We also bought the power tool we needed to put it together. And we celebrated our first Shabbat as guests as a married couple. A few days ago, Lance first introduced me to someone new as his wife. And at the bank on Friday, I first signed my new name on an official document.

These are the days of firsts. For the next few months, there will be many firsts. And I am happy to be both experiencing them, and paying attention to them. They represent a new beginning for both of us. As time goes on, the number of "firsts" each week will decrease. But I want to bring this kind of awareness to our lives even when the second or third or twenty-eight time comes around.

No, I don't mean I plan to count each and every time we buy a household item or attend an event together. But I do want to maintain that awareness that every day with my husband is something new and special. Everyday presents a new opportunity for us to grow together, to experience our lives together, to move deeper into lasting and forever love.

G-d brought us together -- our story makes that clear. So in return for that miracle, I want to bring to my marriage the kind of mindfulness that such a divine act deserves.

So even when the kind of firsts you write in a wedding book have long since past, I will be looking for, and celebrating, the details and experiences of my life with my forever new husband.

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