Monday, 12 April 2010

Playing with my friends

On Saturday night, a group of us...about 50 or so...went to Miami MetroZoo for an after-dark experience where we got to get up close and personal with tigers, lions, a rhino and some other zoo residents.

It was like being a kid again, full of wonder as we stood FAR closer than we ever expected to these beautiful beings, and experienced the awe of sharing a space with those who are usually far, far beyond a barrier. We spoke to the animals by name, and they responded! When I called one of the camels by name, he came running back! That was so cool!

Afterwards, 11 of us went to Ruby Tuesday's for a late supper and conversation. We joked around, as we waited for our table, everyone laughing and talking about which animals they liked best and which group got to see the most animals.

As supper came to a close, a battle started at the table. I'm not sure whether it was a grape or a sugar packet that was launched first, but in seconds, lemon wedges, grapes, packets of sweetener and chips were flying. Then one person went and got a bunch of paper coasters, which became impromptu Frisbees, as they were sent flying around the table, too. The restaurant was nearly empty, so we didn't disturb any other diners. And we kept our ammunition within the confines of our table. But otherwise, it was a no-holds barred kidfest, where the only "official" kid was my daughter, age 12.

And I loved every second of it! It was wonderful to play with my friends -- even more so, to have friends who are willing to play, unconcerned about whether it makes them look silly or childish. In this world full of people afraid to smile or take a chance, it's a blessing to find people who remember G-d put us here to be happy. And that sometimes, that might involved some flying grapes.

PS...We cleaned up most of our mess, and left the waitress a VERY nice tip! Just in case you were wondering!

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