Thursday, 17 May 2007

100 Things About....

I just added a new element to my blog....If you look in the top of the right hand column, you'll see a heading called "100 Things About...". So far I have only one thing there....100 things about me. But I would love to add 100 things about my readers. Or any other clean list of 100 interesting things or facts. So jump in.

Send me your link to your 100 things about... list. You can have it from your site, or if prefer, create a Google document of your 100 things and send me the link to that. I will add them to my site and give you credit for your lists.

By the way, writing a list of 100 things about yourself is harder than it sounds! Give it a try!


will smama said...

Welcome to revgals!

Diane said...

Welcome as well... looking forward to more 100 things!