Monday, 21 May 2007

Telling the truth when it really hurts

When did the admonishment against killing become passe'? Almost every religion on the planet has an injunction against killing. Some make exceptions for essential and limited self-defense (Islam, Judaism), others do not (Christianity, Buddhism.)

But it seems that in our modern world, it's open season on human lives. And what's worse, it's considered bad form to point it out. The reactions range from cold stares to indignant defenses in which G-d's real intent is pulled from who knows where to justify whatever war or attack is going on. Apparently pointing out the facts, the scriptures, the bits where G-d says Don't kill each. Period. is an affront to their religiosity.

It's the same way with the so-called patriotism in this country. Pointing out the (gasp!) evil acts being carried out by this country is considered bad form indeed. I was just reading a post by Becky on Preemptive Karma about this phenomenon. About all the people who, despite all the lies about Iraq and the war that have come to light, still believe that it is somehow wrong to speak out against things the U.S. is doing or has done. Unpatriotic. Subversive. To tell the truth. To not go along with the media spin or the President's agenda. Huh??

I understand the concept of relativism -- the idea of evaluating actions in the light of changing conditions. And sometimes it's necessary as our world changes. For the little things.

But for the big killing 1000's of innocent people or declaring self-serving wars, the rules still hold. Even when it hurts to finally tell the truth.


revabi said...

Welcome to revgalblogpals. Interesting post. I think it happened as there have been more killings and we have become immune to them. We put up blinders. Yep, we shall not kill.
Look forward to reading your post.
I love the picture up there too.

Anonymous said...

Welcome! I've struggled with this issue as well. I don't think it's just the modern world where this commandment is ignored, though. There is a lot of violence in the Old Testament that could arguably be described as genocide.

I'm enjoying your blog and will be back.