Monday, 14 May 2007

When the words are hard to say

What do you do when there are words you want to say to someone...good words...wonderful words, but you are terrified that if you say them, they will lie there, alone and untouched and you will sit there silently, not knowing what to do or say...

I saw an epsiode of Sex in the City where the women were at a wedding. The bride threw her bouquet and it landed on the ground in front of the women. They stood there and stared...looking at the flowers, looking at each other. Looking at the bride who had thrown the bouquet. And no one said a word.

That's what I am imagining. Silence. Awkward silence. And a bouquet on the ground.

The feeling seems to be mutual. I see it, hear it, feel it. Should I wait for him to say it? Is he waiting for me to say it?

If both of us are afraid of that bouquet on the floor, will the words remain forever unspoken?

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