Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Decorating my space

I am a very visual person -- tell me a story, and I will see it in my head. Sometimes a good thing, sometimes really, really not!

But being visual, it's no wonder that one of my first thoughts on this job was "How can I decorate my office?"

It's plain. Boring. I posted a few photos and a congrats poem the first day. Hung my Rumi calendar. And that was it.

This company is big on encouraging people to decorate their personal space. They even sell lithographs to other people in other companies to decorate THEIR space. But I can figure out what I want to do here.

Warm and cozy? Exotic and mysterious? Peaceful and soothing? Modern and sleek? I did some searching on office decorating online -- sadly, most of the posts said "don't" Not an option. I was hoping for inspiration, not prohibitions!

What does your office look like? Are you allowed to decorate? Or indeed even encouraged to do so? I would love to hear about your office decorations or cubicle decorations. Pictures would be great, too!

Looking for inspiration...can you help?


Anonymous said...

After three months on my job, I've yet to decorate. I did move from a cube into an office recently, but I just haven't had the chance to do much. I do have a few of my daughter's photos on the cork board, but that's about it. I think some plants would be good...

Alexandra said...

Moved into this office about 6 weeks ago and haven't decorated yet. we all work in a huge loft-like space, so there's no personal-space per-se. I do have a basket of personal items on my desk ( moisturizer, breath freshener, that sort of thing) but not much beyond that. I think the most I've done is put a picture i took as my screen saver/ desktop-background and that garnered lots of comments from passing co-workers ( I do have a huge screen, and the picture is wonderful, if i may say so myself).

so, I cannot be much help...

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Three essentials:

1) Lovely desk lamp
2) Small fountain (without a noisy pump)
3) Small string of small Tibetan prayer flags

Anonymous said...

My office is in an elementary school, so I go with Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. I love the saying on my wall thou, with Pooh and the gang, "a little thought,a little kindness and consideration for others makes all the difference."'
The nice prints, I have framed are ones my girls did, and I had professionally framed. They look so beautiful. I like to be surrounded by things I love, like smooth stones, pictures of sunsets from my yard, pictures of my gentle giant dog Sadie, etc. Cozy but still semi-professional, whatever that means. Keeps me grounded.