Saturday, 2 February 2008

Saying good-bye, saying hello

For almost three years, I've had a job I love. Even on the bad days, I loved being at work. The craziness, the impossible deadlines, the grumpy clients. Loved it.

Friday, I quit.

On Monday, I'll start a new job. More pay. New people. New challenges.

It's scary, but exciting. A new way to grow.

AT first, I only I listened to the people who offered my new job because I could go no further financially at my current company. Unfortunately, with kids and the rising cost of everything else, my bills were outstriping my income Way scary!

But once I listened, and dealt with my fears with the help of S, (a very special and unbelievable patient guy), my brother, and other very, very special friends here and far away (Will I be able to do a new job? Will they like me? Will I like them?), I took the offer. And I resigned from the job I have loved and learned from for the past few years.

Excitement is taking over the fear. I am ready to stretch a reach somewhere new.

What are your experiences with new jobs? new assignments? Were you excited from the start? Or as scared as I was? How did you grow from the experience? I would love to know!


Trée said...

All the best with the new job. I've only had two new jobs in my working life. Both scared me out of my mind wondering if I would measure up. Both were great career moves and both showed me I had nothing to fear in the first place.

Sweetiepie said...

Hope you can cope up with your new job.I wish you All the best and don't worry too much ya!Everything is going to be fine.Cheers

Seeker said...

Thank you for the much welcome words of encouragement! :-)

Tomorrow is the big day! Mealwhile, I am at my old job finishing up some projects. How lucky am I to have had both a job I loved for three years, AND a new opportunity! Pretty cool!

Anonymous said...

I made a similar but possibly bigger transition last November. The new job has its share of problems, but there are also opportunities to grow.