Monday, 5 March 2012

First a chimney sweep, then the kites

The other day, I met a chimney sweep.  Actually, I didn't know he was a chimney sweep when I met him.  I just liked his hat...a traditional black top hat.

We chatted for a few minutes, and then he shook my hand, reminding me that Mary Poppins (the wisest woman in history, according to Charles the chimney sweep) said that shaking hands with a chimney sweep brings good luck.

And I am not one to ever turn down good luck!

And then yesterday, we saw the kites.  Hundreds of kites at Austin's 84th annual Kite Festival.  And suddenly, the sky was full of kites...more kites than I had ever seen in one place.

Kites of all sizes and shapes....

And people and music and of course, dogs!

A cute pup near our chairs

Including Maya.....

Maya Puppy!

 ...who loved meeting all the other dogs. And watching the kites! Seriously!

Anyhow... With chimney sweeps and kites in one week, shouldn't I be ready for the carousel that will take me on a cross country jaunt?  It can't be far behind!


Marydon said...

Yes, you should. Beautiful pictures.
Have a great week.

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