Thursday, 8 March 2012

The wonderful sound of rain

I've always loved the sound of rain...but here in Texas, it is even sweeter.

Right now, I'm sitting here on my couch, only feet from the open back door.  As I sort out my schedule for SXSW events, I am listening to the wonderful sound of rain falling on the patio.  It's real rain...heavy, almost-worthy-of-Florida rain.  

And I love it.  

Back in Florida, rainy days were an invitation to spend my lunch hour outdoors under an awning or overhang, watching and listening to the rain while I ate or read or just watched the falling drops.  

Rain is rare in Texas...sadly.  And next to my friends, whom I miss with all my heart, I think I miss the rain the most.  

So it's time to put my computer away for awhile, and head outside to enjoy this treat.  The schedule will wait.  The blog will wait, and even dinner will wait. 

This is Texas, and I need to treat myself to some rare and wonderful rain time!

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