Tuesday, 29 January 2008

An unexpected weekend - Serendipity in action

First the zoo...that was planned.

Then on Sunday, an all day country concert, featuring amazing performances by Jewel, Taylor Swift, Gretchen Wilson, Sawyer Brown, Cowboy Troy and Big & Rich. Unbelievable music!! A gorgeous 80 degree day in January in the park, under the palm trees. Another reason to be glad I live in Florida...

But that was expected...the day was on our calendars for months.

The rest of the weekend? The bits before, in between and after? THERE was serendipity...the wonderful things found but not sought.

Who could have known? A friendship is taking a turn I never expected so soon. A new tone of voice...new ways of communicating. Feelings unanticipated, but not at all unwelcome. Seeing someone I thought I knew well in a new light.

A phrase from my Journey book* coming true?

Friendship set on fire.....

Magic is happening here.

*(My Journey book is a scrapbook with pages I designed for for each of 20 or 30 goals...as I complete the goal, I add a photo and some journaling. I'll write more about Journey books later.)

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