Tuesday, 15 January 2008

The US In Iraq until 2018???

The Iraqi defense minister reported that US forces will be needed until at least 2018.

That is another decade.

Another 10 years of killing. Another 10 years of suctioning off monies needed for schools and health care and food for the hungry and affordable housing and using it to build bombs and guns and coffins and flags to gloriously drape those coffins. Another 10 years of dead soldiers to count, and dead Iraqi children that no one is bothering to count.

Another decade of daily reports of home town boys and girls who will be coming home in a bag or a box or not at all. Another decade of insider fat cats in defense manufacturing and oil getting fatter and fatter. Another decade of the rest of us watching our family members and neighbors and jobs slip away. Another decade of crumbling bridges and highways and escalating worldwide hatred towards all things American.

This projection means that that number in the upper right hand corner of my blog will be too big to fit on one line. It means another 10 years of not seeing the incredible disconnect between our supposed sacred American freedom and the fact that each month of this insane invasion results in yet another freedom lost in the name of so-called security.

We don't have the luxury of squandering 10 more years in this invasion. Not in terms of money or people or reputation or karma.

It's time for the insanity to end. Raise your voices and demand that it ends. However you vote this November, please, please, please, make sure your vote is for peace.


Not in 2018.

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Carrie Wilson Link said...

Lord, have mercy! I can hardly stand to look at your rapidly increasing cost counter since the invasion, what will it look like if we have ten more YEARS of this?

Peace. Yes, peace. Fortunately, it doesn't take a 1 to 1 ratio to outweigh war. That's the good news. Just need enough of us waging peace and actively moving towards it.