Friday, 16 May 2008

Praying for money...allowed or not?

I was taught by my Rabbi years ago that G-d is not an ATM machine. We were not, he said, to pray for money, toys, cars, and other "things", but rather for wisdom, understanding, etc.

I have carried that belief with me till this day. That doesn't mean I have never silently uttered a plea for a check to clear, or a client to pay their bill. But to sit down, or kneel down, or stand or prostrate oneself and pray for money....


Could not.

To me, the consequences would be too awful. I guess I pictured a kind of Fantasy Island result. You get exactly what you asked for, but it happens in some terrible way. You win the lottery and lose the love of your life. You get the dream job, and a terminal diagnosis in the same day.

So what do you think? Is is still spiritual to pray for abundance? Or is it an invitation for loss? I'd like you hear your thoughts.


mathew said...

Hey Lindsay --

Your posts are very interesting and thought provoking -- thank you.

My heart tells me that it is okay for people to pray for anything they desire -- doesn't mean they'll get it, but it also doesn't mean that they should fear that God sits in judgment over the quality or content of their prayers. Personally speaking, I have issues with the Old Testament because of how God is portrayed at various times as judgmental, vindictive, angry, cruel, etc... certainly I can see how the stories and teachings of old came to be however nothing I have ever experienced has led me to find their truth. The God I have come to know is a God of Love. And as far as the God of Love is concerned, free-will gives us the right (and the implicit blessing) to pursue and to live in whatever way we choose. Therefore, if someone wants to pray for abundance, they should go right ahead and do so. Abundance in and of itself isn't wrong or bad, it's what people do with their abundance that is telling.



Seeker said...

Thanks for your input Matthew. You're is a frightening portrayal. But I guess it's hard to let go, when that's what you were raised reading/hearing

mathew said...

True enough -- I am grateful that I grew up in a non-religious (Jewish) household. I am also grateful that when I got caught skipping off religious studies at the age of seven, my parents never forced me to return.

Funny, your original question just prompted a memory. Several years ago I remember reading a book called "Angelspeake" in which it is written that everyone can learn to speak with their angels, and some tools are offered that readers can use to develop two-way communication. Anyway, at one point in the book, it tells us that we should ask our angels for our hearts desires, and that when we do so, we should be very specific. For example, if we desire to own a Ferrari, the book says, we should not simply ask for a car, or we may just end up with an old clunker. Anyway, all this stuff about material gain and angels left me feeling somewhat confused. So I went to my spirit guide and I asked him if what I had read was true -- that I should be asking him for my heart desires. "I can't answer that," he said, "because I'm your spirit guide not your angel. But I'll be glad to hook you up with your angel if you like." And he did. And after some polite introductions, I asked my angel the same question, and my angel replied, "If it's material things you are asking for, you need to take those requests directly to God. Because if it was left up to us, we would give everything to everyone as we give equally to all souls." He went on to explain that their (the angels) particular specialty had to do with emotional support and assistance with health issues -- not material gain.

God Bless,


Barbara B. said...

From my perspective it just seems kind of "small" to be asking for material things...
Your 'Fantasy Island' analogy is quite thought-provoking!

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree that we can pray for anything, but it doesn't mean we get what we want. I've prayed for money in times when my business was not making ends meet and we were struggling financially.

Seeker said...

Did it work?

Have you ever prayed for money? I tend agree with you, so i am curious about whether you have ever tried any so-called prosperity prayers.

Has it worked for you? I know you are facing some financial challenges now as well. Are you praying for prosperity?

Anonymous said...

It did, but it required me to take a different path from the one I had envisioned for myself.

Mathew said...

Hi Lindsay --

I have been out of town and off my computer for a week --

As for your question, I don't pray for prosperity because I already know that I am prosperous. Now, I admit, it is sometimes difficult to feel prosperous when cash flow is tight -- nevertheless, I continue to know that I am prosperous, and that whatever is happening in my life to influence me to think otherwise is some form of illusion or negativity that I need to gain mastery over. (If this sounds crazy to you, that's okay -- feel free to speak your mind! :-)

As for praying, when it comes to praying for myself, I have greatly simplified things in recent years to the point where I pray to be who I am, nothing more, nothing less, without pre-judgment or pre-meditation. I just pray that in being who I am, I am receptive to follow my highest path at all times.



P.S. Did you recently change your email address Lindsay? I tried to send you a private email a few weeks ago, but it got kicked back to me.