Thursday, 8 May 2008

To the person who hit Meghan and caused the accident

You know who you are. You know what you need to do.

It was probably an accident. Maybe you weren't being reckless...just doing the things we all do everyday while we drive. And then suddenly...things are out of control.

You ran. You were scared.

But it's time to come forward. Meghan's memory deserves that. Her family deserves that.

Maybe you have kids of your own. Can you imagine the pain you would feel if this happened to your child and the person responsible ran? Maybe you are still scared.

But two people have died. Two families are hurting. An 18 year old girl will never again chat with her friends, or hug her parents, or take a drive on a rainy Pennsylvania spring day.

It's time.


Bring her grieving family some degree of peace. Tell your story.




Anonymous said...

Have you heard anything more about the "3rd car" allegedly involved in the crash? Some of the posts on the York Daily Record topix board gave conflicting accounts of what happened. And the reports and obits still just say she "lost control".

Any reason why the police aren't saying anything more? Do you know if they have any good leads?

I have some connections and ideas about trying to find the perp, but
I don't want to go too far if the police have no real evidence of a 3rd car triggering the crash.

(anti-prayer) Anonymous

Seeker said...

Dear Anti-Prayer...

THe police do have evidence, from the damage to the car and the rail, that Meghan's car was hit BEFORE she crossed the median. What they don't have, as far as I know, is a good description of that car.

Anything you can do to help would be wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Did you get my email to your Yahoo account?

Seeker said...

I did not see it. What day was it sent, and what is the subject? I hope it didn't get filtered. Can you resend? Just let me know what to watch for...

Seeker said...

Got it. Replied. Thank you