Monday, 5 May 2008

Update on Meghan and need for ongoing prayers

Meghan is a fighter. My son says it's because she's a true redhead...stubborn, determined and willing to go the distance. I don't know if that's the reason, but whatever it is, its good. She is hanging in there, against all odds, but is having a rough time.

They are still unable to do any surgeries because of intra cranial pressure issues, and now problems with her blood oxygen levels. Her compound fractures have not yet been repaired because anesthesia is too risky still. That means she will be facing extensive surgeries once she is well enough for those to be addressed.

She is a wonderful young lady....please keep up the prayers...they are ALL helping!

The paramedics said she should not have survived the crash in her little Civic. She's made it a week today. Miracles.


Nick said...

Good news! A witness has come forward and verified that Megan's car was hit by another person before she lost control. York police have not released any more information at the moment, except to say that they are looking for the driver who comitted the hit & run.

<3 ya!

Anonymous said...

You aren't gonna like this, because the truth hurts....

So much for your miracles, Seeker.
When are you gonna wake up and grow up and realize that prayer is nothing more than talking to yourself?

If this tragedy doesn't show you that, nothing will.

Enough of the touchy-feely stuff and time to find and PUNISH the perpetrator of this crime.

Yep, I'm angry. Angry at the recklessness of humans toward each other. Angry at the naivety and, yes, stupidity of people who waste their time (but make themselves feel better) with prayer and "spirituality".

I suggest you read "The God Delusion".

Anonymous said...

Meghan brittany Freas passed away Monday night at 10:20 May 5 2008 due to lung failure.

Seeker said...

Dear anonymous...

I too am angry at the driver...and sorry that you find my prayers and requests for prayers so painful to you. I understand your frustration and wrath that another human being could do such a horrible thing and drive away. Prayer is not a substitute for action, and anyone who uses it that way is mistaken. I am sorry for your loss...and for Brenda and the rest of Meghan's family. If I could do more than pray, I certainly would. In a second. But from here, 1300 miles away, prayer and sharing Meghan's story was all I could do.

My heart goes out to you. I can feel your pain from here.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Seeker, for being open minded enough not to delete my post. I understand that, from a distance, we all feel powerless to do anything. I witnessed the incineration of a young woman on Rt. 581 a couple of years ago by an out-of-control trucker and decided to speak out (and am attempting to organize an effort) against the outlaw truckers in PA and beyond. "God" help Meghan's killer if it's a trucker! But it probably isn't, because if it had been a trucker, she probably would not have survived as long as she did.

We have a governor here who has publicly said it's okay for his drivers to go 80mph. If the chief law enforcement officer in PA (the gov) has such a lawless attitude, what can we expect from the masses?

And our local elected officials are totally worthless and/or corrupted by the trucking lobby.

Be glad you aren't in PA.

Seeker said...

Dear Anonymous...

I would never delete a comment that so clearly came from the heart and certainly not one from a place of pain. We have have our beliefs, ad I respect the differences.

I'm sorry you witnessed what you did on 581. I lived up there for 10 years, and I know how awful the trucks are on 81, 83 and elsewhere. Here in Florida, the speed limit is 70, which means 80 is the norm. It's scary.

Again, I grieve with you and everyone else over Meghan's far too early passing. and thank you for sharing your feelings.

I wish you strength and peace in this difficult time.