Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Feeling sick, counting blessings

The first week that the kids were back to school brought new stories about summer adventures, new books and supplies to buy -- and the flu.  First my daughter, who missed two days, and now me.  Fun.

So this morning as I struggle through work with my stuffy nose and headache and sore throat and general desire to crawl into bed ASAP, I decided it was a good time to count my blessings.  For me, that one of the best ways to overcome sadness or loneliness -- or a touch of the flu.

So here goes.....my top 10 blessings, in no special order (since they're all special blessings!)

  1. My kids -- three wonderful, smart, kind and creative kids.  
  2. My husband -- a true knight in shining armor, in far more than name alone
  3. My health -- so I have the flu.  That will be gone in a day or three -- overall, I am blessed
  4. Our home -- Sure sometimes I complain, or we wish things were bigger/smaller/cleaner/newer/fancier.  But it is a home filled with love and laughter and music and art and faith. 
  5. My faith -- I cannot imagine how those without faith in G-d survive.  Really. 
  6. The ability to read -- and to learn and understand and increase in knowledge and wisdom.  or just to enjoy a good mystery.  All a blessing. 
  7. My job -- sometimes stressful, sometimes incredible.  But overall, where I am meant to be. 
  8. My friends -- whether they're around the corner or on the other side of the earth, they are blessings through and through.  Even those I may never meet face to face -- blessings.
  9. My life experiences -- sure at the time, some of it was so scary it was all I could do to face the day, but through it all, I have grown and learned and become who I am today. 
  10. Time alone -- downtime and alone time are my chance to recharge and re-energize -- a blessing I cannot survive without.  
So now it's your turn...what are your top 10 blessings?  Now please excuse me...I need a tissue and some hot tea and....


sara said...

Hope you are all feeling better soon! It's always nice to be reminded to count our blessins!


seeker said...

Thanks Sara...nasty flu bug my kids brought home. Spacy and out of it today, but hanging on. TGIF!