Saturday, 11 September 2010

Peace to us all for Pink Saturday....

Clockwise, from wind chimes: Wiccan beltane, Buddhist nuns, Muslim girl in hijab, Christian Minister, Hindu bride, Jewish woman in Tallit

We're all in this together, this thing we call life.

Most of us want the same things.  Peace.  A healthy and happy family.  Good kids.  A warm, dry and safe place to live. Enough food on the table. Love. A chance to worship as we believe is right.  We are all so much the same. And yet so wonderfully different.

It really doesn't matter whether we put on a hijab or a tallit or a robe...and when it comes down to it, it doesn't matter how we address the Creator, whether in words or song or one name or another.  Our paths are different, but the mountain top is the same one.  We have just been placed on different roads to get there.

Today, on this anniversary of an act of hate, carried out by a few individuals, let's spend time remembering that we all...


If someone else's customs seem strange, ask questions.  If their words sound foreign to your ear, listen with your heart.  If they look different, ignore their clothes or their skin colour and look at their eyes. You'll recognize the kinship there.

And the next time you're tempted to say "They all..." about another religion -- or you feel that it might be better to remain silent when someone else heads that way -- remember that it's your sister or your brother who is being hated. And speak up, in love, for peace, for every member of our human family.

A joyous and peaceful September 11th Pink Saturday to you all.


Beth at Aunties said...

Beautifully written! This is a post that I felt with my heart and One I will remember:)Congratulations on your marriage.
My sister got married in June and now she is a mother to
10 children.:0) Her 4 and his 6!

seeker said...

Beth, glad you liked it :-)

And congrats to your sister! What a wonderful family!! BTW, I learned everything I know about parenting from watching the big, warm, loving LDS families when I was living in Utah -- and it has served me very well. (My own parents did not model good marriage or parenting skills, so I was determined to learn better for my kids.) We have my three now -- but we are hoping for a baby or two more now :-) Wish me luck!

Sea Angels said...

Words are so motivating so powerful whether they are good or bad yours are good and they made me feel good..thank you xxxxx
Hugs Lynn xxxx

seeker said...

Thank you, Lynn. I was happy to find your blog, too :-)

Jean said...

I'm late getting around to all the P.S. participants. Hope you had a great day.

Samual said...

Initially, the silk tallit was worn as a daily habit, but after the exile of the Jews from Eretz Israel and their dispersion, they came to adopt the fashions of their gentile neighbors and the Tallit became a religious garment for prayer; hence its meaning of Prayer Shawl.