Monday, 20 September 2010

A home decorating balancing act

I love vintage furniture, antique linens, old found-objects re-purposed in new ways, cottage gardens and lace.

My ideal room contains filmy white curtains, things that have a history, lots of textures -- a very feminine look.  My new husband is not exactly going to feel at home in that kind of home. Nope....not going to work....
I also like post-industrial, salvaged pieces, like you find at Restoration Hardware....I love the solid wood, the feeling that the pieces have had a life before I "found" them -- a history.


  We've gone shopping to look at furniture a few times now, and he's leaned towards very sleek, modern pieces with no texture or trim -- and certainly, no history.

I know that many of my readers lean towards the same look I prefer.  So I want to ask you -- how do you create a home decor that appeals to your vintage side, while not alienating a spouse who wants a far more modern and unadorned look?

I want to make a home we both will love, and feel "at home" in.....any advice welcome!


Kristine at The Painted Hive said...

Ooh, this is a tricky one. I'm pretty lucky in that I love modern country and vintage decor and my husband isn't fussed as long as things aren't too pretty (and I'm not really into 'pretty' so this works out fine). A mainly sleek interior can be softened and personalised with a few rustic, post-industrial pieces. I feel modern interiors can feel like office spaces or stark hotels if there's no warmth and character to make them personable. Perhaps mention this to your hubby (he may not have thought about that) and find some pics you both like to use as inspiration.
Thanks for visiting me. If you do make some big maps I'd love to see some pics!

Sharon said...

I think what you hope for is possible, though I am no decorating whiz. Have you seen a site called You can find examples of a lot of different brands and play around with them on a virtual "board." IKEA is one of their brands, and their style came to mind when I read your post. Also, check out a brand called Grandin Road.

Good luck and let us know what you come up with!

seeker said...

Thanks for the ideas, Kristine and Sharon. And I love Olioboard! Isn't that a fun "toy"! Sharon, do you have some designs on there? My user name is Lindsay39, and I think you can search by user. As for Ikea, that's almost exactly what he likes -- and I can't stand! LOL! They have some nice metal beds with some style, but most of the rest is fake wood, handleless, trimless, etc. Not me at all.

Kristine, your thoughts about the hotel are excellent -- that sums it up for me! Furniture without personality. Sharon, I will look up Grandin Road -- thanks for the suggestion! :-)