Friday, 17 September 2010

Tea in the garden

(Saturday is Yom Kippur, a holy day of fasting and prayer.  So I will be in Temple with my family. But even though I won't be anywhere near a computer, I wanted to share a Pink Saturday wish...)

Sometimes, just meeting and talking and sharing online doesn't seem like enough. I wish that I could sit down across from each of you for tea in the garden.

No, this isn't my garden.  It's the garden where I got married almost 6 months ago.

But it's a lovely garden.  Peaceful.  Tropical. Lush. Lovingly tended.  Everything I hope our own yard will be in the near future (my husband has been working so hard to make it come true!)

And, until then, I know the owner of this garden won't mind if we meet there for our tea  -- in fact, she'd love to join us, I'm sure.  She's a wonderful woman -- a writer, an artist, a former pilot, and a political activist. I know you'll love her, too.

There are many tables in her garden, but I like this one best.  It's in a perfect spot to see the other areas of the garden. And while some of the tables are larger, this one is just right for two or three to sit and talk and sip and relax. There's even another table just like this, so we can add another chair.

We can each have our favourite teas in little pink teapots, just perfect for a couple of cups.  Just give me some warning before you come, because I want to get some of the incredible Bergamot Sage from my friends at One Good Woman in Pennsylvania, where my youngest daughter loved to go for tea even when she was only three years old, (much to the delight of all the other guests!)

And you'll just have to let me know what kind you want, so I can order it in advance.  And we'll have tea cakes and sandwiches and get to know each other in the breezy sunshine.

This picture from Susan Riss is exactly what I see. She even has the three chairs! 

So will you join me one sunny Sunday in the garden?  

One of Susan's photos
In the meantime, I am heading over for a virtual supper to the most beautiful porch I've ever seen.  The photos on "Between Naps on the Porch" are tooooo lovely for words.  Thank you, to Max's person (AKA Susan) for sharing your space with the rest of us! Wouldn't it be awesome to end a day in such a space?....

Any how, from the middle of Friday, Happy Pink Saturday

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Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

What a lovely garden and wonderful memories. :) I wish all us bloggers could get together for teas more often...wouldn't that be fun! Cute story about your daughter! Thanks so much for those sweet words about the porch. :)