Friday, 13 August 2010

Blogging since 2005, but what have I learned?

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I saw a blog post on Better in Bulk asking what people had learned from blogging...I hadn't really thought about it before.

My first blog was back in May of 2005. I joined the Blogger community in 2006, and since then have written a number of personal and professional blogs on Blogger, Wordpress, company websites and several other platforms.

So what have I learned?

From the personal blogs:

  • Blogs allow me to "meet" and connect with so many wonderful/interesting/inspiring people around the world -- people I would never have spoken to or even known about without the deep give-and-take of blog posts. Facebook just isn't the same. (This was echoed by Danette at S.O.S, who commented on the blog.)
  • Writing blog posts allows me to get to know myself better, too. The limited length of a post (seriously, NO ONE is going to read a three page post!), the process of selecting an image, even the choice of tags -- all of it forces me to think hard about what I want to say, and how people will react.
  • People you have never met are interested in what you have to say. Amazing!
  • In our busy, always rushing culture, people still need to connect with others who share their concerns or stage of life or questions. (Can I have a chorus of "People" by Barbra Streisand here??!)
  • Sometimes pouring your heart out in a blog post really does make the pain easier to deal with. Even if no one comments.
  • Comments that show people are really reading your blog feel great!

From business blogs:

  • People really do buy more from people than from ads. Even business owners and managers who are looking for information or products for professional use respond better to a more personal and friendly message.
  • Customers know if your blog and the message are sincere, or it's just a sales pitch.
  • Humor, especially humor targeted to the specific industry, is a great tool for building a following and trust. Dare to be silly!

I found lots of other lists and thoughts about what people have learned from blogging. There's a Top 10 list at Musings from Me, some blogging advice at Wonderfully Chaotic,and wonderful quote from Sugar Filled Emotions...
"I have learned that my neighborhood is as big as the world"
And that's about as perfect a comment on blogging as I could imagine!

Thank you Lolli for starting this thread!


Rebecca said...

I agree-it certainly open up a door and many opportunities! Happy PS!

Seeker said...

Happy Pink Sat to you, too. Just curious as to why your wish was on this post rather than the Pink Sat one! :-)

rlamar said...

Thank you so much, I just posted my first blog, I feel so green. Your blog is amazing, the look the music wow, it seems so advanced!!!

Seeker said...

Nice to "meet" you, Rod :-) And thank you!

MusingsfromMe/Jill said...

Like the point you make about "sincere" posts. As a blogger I can tell when a fellow is speaking from the heart and when the post is less credible.