Thursday, 19 August 2010

A mission statement for my blog?? Hmmmmm....

When I first started my blog, way back in 2007, I'm not sure what I expected it to be about, exactly. I'd had two before this one, and I now have several other personal and business blogs, but this one is special somehow.

Even so, I wasn't really making it all it could be. Months would go by without more than a post or two. Sometimes none. I would read other people's blogs, but not comment. I did not really participate in the communities the way I did for some other blogs I own.

But about two months ago, I decided it was commit to it or leave it alone. I could not have it half hearted any more.

So I started reading and commenting and playing along with other art blogs or spiritual blogs. My posts became more regular. And I gave the site a facelift. A major one, not just changing the background images or fonts like I did in the past.

And then today, I read a post on The Blooming Wildflowers Project about getting passionate about a blog's success! And that is exactly what I've been doing.

Christie suggested starting with a mission I dug out my old one for this blog -- and it was gone!! In my redesign, somehow my metadata had vanished! Aggghhhh! And I do SEO for a living!

So in gratitude to Christie for writing her post, which inspired me to write mine, which forced me to look at (or for) my old mission statement, which resulted in me finding the missing metadata which I am putting back after writing this post......whew!! After ALL of that, here is my new and better mission statement!
This, That and The Other is the reflection of my life, my spirit, my view of the world. It is a collection of sometimes rambling, sometimes surprisingly insightful comments on my kids, my faith, my art, my place on the planet, my new marriage, my old friends and the twisting, rock-strewn, tree shaded, always interesting road that brought me to this place and time. I hope it provides inspiration for those who need it, laughter for those who weep, food for thought for those hungry for new ideas, and a place of growth and learning for me.

Like Tabitha at The Knitting Journeyman Redux who found that the idea of a clear mission statement made her think, the assignment (and the missing metadata!) made me pay attention to why I spend a portion of every single day writing to people I may never see.. Made me focus. Thank you, Christie, for the serendipity and the inspiration!


Sharon said...

Now you've gone and done it -- inspired me to write a mission statement for my blog! The timing couldn't be better, and I wholeheartedly welcome the idea. By the way, I love what you've done to the place!

Seeker said...

LOL! I take full responsibility! :-D I can't wait to read yours...I'll stop by and watch for it on your blog.

And as for the face lift, it's been in the works for the past few weeks, but I had to make sure it all worked before I launched it :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi I enjoyed your entry very much which I found on Seeded.Buzz. I mentioned you in my blog and though you might want to know

have a great day!