Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Random questions from a Wednesday

Image from Susan Loone's Blog
Why would someone steal my change tray from my car?  It had maybe $2.00 in it, mostly pennies.  It would be more work to count it than it is probably worth.  Has the country gotten that bad off?

Added 8/26/2010 -- I have been feeling bad ever since I published that line above.  Just about 3 years ago, the loss of $2.00 might have meant that one of my daughters couldn't go to school that day, because I sometimes had no food that could go in a lunch box.  Things that could be reheated or cooked at home, yes, but not anything to take.  It was a scary time. And I still have nightmares about it.  So I have no business being flip or acting like I don't understand that kind of desperation.  No, I never took change from someone else's car -- but many days I did search for that last nickel or dime under my car mats or in pockets. So to whomever took the money, I send my blessings and my wishes that soon you will not be in need of change -- that you will be blessed with abundance and will be more than able to buy whatever it is that you needed that money for. I know how you feel now. And I'm sorry for my callousness. 

30 minutes of yoga and Pilates races by..  30 minutes in a coffee shop passes in seconds. 30 minutes in a traffic jam takes forever.  How can people think time is really fixed and linear?

What is sleep, really?  Is it a time to allow our bodies to rest, or a time to allow our minds/spirits/souls to work?

If housing sales have dropped to an all time low, and no one who has a house can sell it to buy a new one, and no one who doesn't have a house can qualify for a new one, how are we ever going to get out of that circle?

If all religions claim to be the right one, the chosen one, the correct one, what does that say about their view of G-d?  It seems to me that it would mean that G-d is either cruel, allowing the overwhelming majority of it/his/her creation to spend their lives in hopeless error, or that G-d is unable to get the "true" message across effectively.  Either one is pretty depressing. (BTW, I don't happen to believe there is one superior way/religion.  So G-d's off the hook with me,)


luluslovlies said...

I don't have the answers to any of that, however I will let you know your Nice pink giveaway is posted on my blog today! Thanks so much, especially for my cute pink flamingos!! Love it all! XOXO

luluslovlies said...

Just received your comment and that is way too funny, I was wondering how did she know I was a Taurus?? I was born May 6th 1942, and yes I'm proud of my age!! Well that sure was a meant to be! Funny how people get connected, I must see a part of you that was once a Young 20 something me?? Umm.. food for thought.. Have a great weekend! XOXO Pretty women

luluslovlies said...

I have it in a book right on my night stand, a keeper for sure! On advice to a 21 year old, well since I married at barely 19 and had my first son at 21, I don't know except that I would do it all over again including getting married to the same person. If you look in my archives under May and Memorial Day, you can see my young other half and we are still connected but only in spirit now. One day I'll post the both of us. That is the both of us in the locket on my blog header as children. My best advice is hang on through the thick and thin and if you get it right the first time, don't expect or try to replace it. Like the swans, mate for life! I was blessed and very fortunate, my parents wanted me to go to college and I wanted to get married and have babies, I won being the Taurus I am, no regrets just great memories in the recess of my mind. For now beautiful young women enjoy your life and the beauty that surrounds you. XOXO